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Degree / Provisional Degree Certificate Application Form

Kindly Fill Your Registration Details and Date of Birth in Form

Important Information

This Form is for applying either of the following Certifications only -
  • • Provisional Degree Certificate
  • • Original Degree Certificate

  • • Degree Certificate may only be Issued through Office Only if the Convocation of the Batch has taken place for the batch.In case, Convocation of the batch has not been held, Student has to wait for the Convocation Ceremony for issue of Degree.
  • • Provisional Degree can only be applied if the Convocation Ceremony of the Batch has not Occurred. In case, if the Convocation ceremony has taken place for the relevant batch, Student has to apply for Degree Certificate

Who can Apply?

  • • Students who have Successfully Completed their Course of Study and Received Final Year/ Semester Marksheet.
  • • Research Scholars whose comprehensive viva-voce examination has been successfully completed and recommended by Research Committee.

Original Degree Certificate:

  • Usually, on the day of convocation, students get their original degree. The degree is awarded to a student in the following convocation who has completed his/her course of study successfully in a particular year. A student who was not able to attend convocation ceremony for any reason and the convocation ceremony of the batch has taken place, he/she can apply for collecting degree in person to the Registrar’s office.

Provisional Degree Certificate:

  • Provisional Degree Certificate is a temporary document provided by a university until an original (permanent) degree is issued and imparted on convocation. This is provided for an interim period. A student who has completed his course of study successfully and the convocation ceremony of the batch has not taken place can apply for provisional degree certificate.

How to Apply?

Please keep below mentioned Self-Attested documents ready before you start filling out the form (Along with Self Attestation - Do Mention Date and Name of Certifications Applied).

  • • Self-Attested Aadhar Card/ Passport (In case of International Student)
  • • Self-Attested Final Year/Semester Marksheet

Process of Document Application

  • Step 1) Fill Your ERP ID and Date of Birth
  • Step 2) Select the Document Certifications Required (Provisional Degree/ Original Degree)
  • Step 3) Upload the Required Documents
  • Step 4) Complete the Process Payment
  • Step 5) After Successful Transaction, Student will be Provided with Application Reference No. And Format of Application on the Screen.
  • Step 6) Student can check the Status of Application at and is required to make compliance in case of any Objection.
  • Step 7) Student is required to Visit the University Campus after the Application Status message says, - “Printed and Ready for Dispatch”


  • • Incomplete Application Form(s) without requisite documents (as above) may not be considered.
  • • Provisional Degree will be issued after 10 days and Degree Certificate will be issued after 25 days of successful submission of the Application Form.
  • • Urgent Applications may incur Double Application Fees Charges and are considerable only in the Case of Emergency. Urgent Applications for Provisional Degree may be applied before 11:00 AM for process and may be collected at 4 PM on the same day. Degree Certificate through Urgent Application will be issued after 10 Working Days.
  • • Student is required to Visit the University Documentation Department after the Confirmed Application Status “Printed and Ready for Dispatch” for release of Document.
  • • Students are required to bring Self Attested Aadhar Card/ Passport (In case of International Student), Self-Attested Final Year/Semester Marksheet, Duly Signed Application Form (As Provided at Step 5), Payment Receipt and Original Aadhar Card for Verification.
  • • In case of any assistance, student can visit FAQ page at or call Help Line no. +91 8385 012345 (from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, except on Sunday or National Holidays).